Mentors Opening Doors, Enriching Lives

MODEL (Mentors Opening Doors, Enriching Lives) is successfully implemented in the Westerville City School District middle schools and serves about 140 girls a year.

The MODEL program is committed to connecting students to their peers and strong adult women mentors from the community, while focusing meetings on self-esteem, goals, positive choices and thinking about the future. 

Students participate in monthly sessions with the adult mentors. 

MODEL seeks to engage, inspire and encourage these young females as they prepare for high school. 

The mentors help provide leadership, wisdom and support to the students each month

Making positive choices

Controlling your own future

Peer influences

Community dangers



Academic planning


Social Emotional Resource Center (SERC)

The WEC Social Emotional Resource Center provides information and assistance that you can access immediately as well as opportunities to build social emotional skills, develop new strengths and increase understanding of our interconnectedness as a community..

Crisis resources

District resources

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